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I have a manufacturing company: can I find out what, how much, and when I need to produce and purchase?

Yes, with GEDI ONLINE's MRP module (Material Requirements Planning), which allows you to manage the needs and requirements of your production process in just a few clicks:

  • define which and how many finished products to produce, by using the combined analysis of client orders and sales forecasts;
  • launch MRP I to:
    • check in real time of the quantity of finished products which are ready for delivery;
    • find out the stock levels of components and raw materials available for production;
    • automatically generate orders for suppliers to purchase lacking components and raw materials.
Can I divide up my contacts to send newsletters to targeted groups?

Yes, with GEDI ONLINE's CRM CORE, the tool which actively supports your Direct Marketing and allows you to divide your contacts into groups and send personalised emails to each recipient. With GEDI ONLINE's CRM CORE you can:

  • create groups of clients, prospects, suppliers and leads on the basis of various criteria, including personal data, location, relationship history (for example meetings at events or trade shows), product ranges, advertising and/or promotional campaigns;
  • design ad hoc campaigns B2B (Business to Business) and B2C (Business to Client) for individual groups of clients, prospects, suppliers and leads;
  • manage different templates for emails, fax, SMS and send personalised messages to each individual client, prospect, supplier or lead in the group of addressees;
  • have integrated sending of emails, faxes and SMSs;
  • monitor the sending of communications and access statistics and delivery reports, to see who has actually viewed and clicked on the newsletter you sent.
Can I create electronic invoices for Public Administration?

Of course, with the e-asyPA module in GEDI ONLINE you can:

  • create electronic invoices for Public Administration in XML format as required by regulations, with a compliant layout and wizard;
  • upload the files to a dedicated area which will deal with sending invoices to the Exchange System (ES) via web interface;
  • authorise the manager of the dedicated area to apply a digital signature to the document and verify its validity;
  • verify the status of invoices through a dedicated web interface;
  • notify via certified email the outcome from the Exchange System of sent invoices;
  • keep electronic invoices in compliance with regulations as well as relative ES receipts in the dedicated area;
  • search invoices using pre-set filters, to monitor the status and/or see notifications returned by the Exchange System.

The e-asyPA module for electronically invoicing the Public Administration can be purchased singularly or integrated to your GEDI ONLINE.

Contact Us to discover more.

Can my clients also make purchases from their mobile?

m-commerce, acronym for mobile commerce, is the capacity to manage electronic commerce (e-commerce) from mobile devices, like smartphones, tablets and handheld computers.
It was first developed in the nineties following Coca Cola's experience of selling its famous cans via sms, but it really rose to importance in 2008, thanks to the development of mobile Internet connections (WAP technology). In recent years, this type of e-commerce is used, as well as for buying goods, for so-called ticketing, i.e. the sales of electronic tickets for flights, concerts, events, exhibitions, etc…
GEDI ONLINE has been developed to guarantee perfect usability from any mobile device, with just an Internet connection. This means that clients can view the virtual shop and make purchases directly from their smartphone, or initiate a purchase from their mobile and then continue from a PC or laptop. All with complete security for the client, through the use of https.
From the company's point of view, on the other hand, it is possible to monitor and check the progress of any function and even the management of authorisations/confirmations from any mobile device, without the need for the company's static IP address.

Can I have my ERP in cloud?

The word Cloud means technology which allows you to use, via a remote server, hardware and software resources as a service - Software as a Service (SaaS) - thanks to the payment of an all-inclusive monthly fee, which also includes support. Cloud offers many advantages, both economically (such as lower initial costs, increased flexibility and attention to your core business) as well as from a technical point of view (increased scalability, accessibility from anywhere and from any device, system security and independence from ad hoc infrastructures).


  • Reducing initial fixed costs - Total Costs of Ownership
    Going back to the thin client concept, where the computer is an evolved terminal connected to the Internet. There is therefore no need to purchase ad hoc IT infrastructures; there is a monthly fee which includes rental of the remote server, the licence, updates and support;
  • Focus on your core business
    It is no longer necessary to take on staff specialised in the IT infrastructure you use, because everything is migrated onto the cloud and the physical infrastructure within the company does not exist;
  • Flexibility
    If more or fewer resources are needed it is possible to carry out a contractual adjustment, something which is impossible or very restricted when you own your own infrastructure.


  • Security
    There is no possibility of the company's data being lost through physical removal. This is because all data is centralised and falls under the centralised security policy;
  • Backup recovery
    All data saved on the cloud server is constantly updated and a recovery copy is created to ensure security and usability even in the event of data centre problems;
  • Accessibility on the move and independence from peripheral devices
    All activity and documents can be consulted online from any device. The only requirement is an Internet connection, to enable you to work everywhere as if you were sitting at your office desk;
  • Scalability
    If you need more or fewer resources, the manager can expand or reduce the structure with great flexibility, allocating the necessary resources to satisfy requirements. 

DISADVANTAGES: with GEDI ONLINE disadvantages become advantages!

  • Personalisation
    With GEDI ONLINE a common disadvantage becomes an advantage: in fact, GEDI ONLINE is a customized management software like a made-to-measure outfit for the company's every need;
  • Integration
    GEDI ONLINE can be completely integrated with any other management system in use, ensuring that data can be easily exported and importing from other ERP software; 
  • Migration
    All the data present in the old database will be imported by our staff at GEDI ONLINE, to save you time and ensure content is not lost.
The management system used by my company does not allow me to create an e-commerce site. Can I open one without having to change ERP?

YES. GEDI ONLINE can be completely integrated to your management system. What's more, being a complete solution, it works autonomously, without involving your current ERP: with GEDI ONLINE you can manage everything from A to Z, from warehouse to traceability to invoicing your online sales.

Do I need to open a special e-commerce current account to manage payments from my e-shop?

NO, because GEDI ONLINE is a management software which is already integrated with PayPal. So you can sell your products without activation costs and without security problems regarding the purchases and transactions of your clients.

Do I need to create a special procedure so that my clients can see the status of their orders?

NO, because GEDI ONLINE ERP is a management software which allows for your clients to have a dedicated reserved area within e-commerce, allowing them to manage saved shopping carts, monitor their history and the tracking of deliveries, manage their own personal details, including e-billing. All of this in complete security, for you and for your clients.

I have never sold online before. Can I integrate e-commerce into my business and also sell to individuals?

YES, with GEDI ONLINE, a single integrated CRM and ERP solution for e-commerce, which allows for complete management of online sales: from warehouse availability with traceability of production batches, to active promotions, from personal data of registered users to management of the cycle of validation of orders as well as invoicing and standard bookkeeping.
All in a simple way, everywhere and customized, even in the standard version for each individual user.
Companies who have already tried it
: discover the example of 'Molino Dallagiovanna'

I'm often out of office. Can I monitor and manage my business processes anywhere and with any device?

YES, with GEDI ONLINE, a natively web-based system which allows you to access all company processes from any device (pc, laptop, tablet, smartphone, etc...) with just an Internet connection. You can consult catalogues, create quotes, check orders and deliveries, authorise payments... All of this in both the traditional version (client server) and the in-cloud version (SaaS - Software as a Service).

Do I need to use company resources to import data from my old database?

NO. GEDI ONLINE CRM, ERP and Production is a solution which is so flexible that it can import all the data from your old database in a quick and simple way. In any case we will provide the chosen solution as ready to use, complete with your old data: from client/supplier details to final/semi-finished products up to the complete importing of accounting, for all the past years you wish.

Do I need to buy ERP, even if I'm only interested in CRM?

NO. GEDI ONLINE can be perfectly integrated into your current ERP system. So you will be able to carry on using your old management system for the chain of validating orders and production, and at the same time have the perfect solution to manage relations with clients and prospects (Customer Relationship Management): send informative and commercial newsletters and manage promotions, the shared calendar and history of quotes/orders.

In my company I have different systems for various company processes. Can I have a solution which manages all of them?

YES. With GEDI ONLINE, the CRM, ERP and Production software, you can manage and monitor your company processes in a single solution: sales and purchases, production and quality control, warehouse and logistics, as well as administration and management control.

Do I need to update or change the IT infrastructure which already satisfies my company's needs?

NO. GEDI ONLINE, in both the traditional client server) and in-cloud versions, is always platform independent and adapts perfectly with any Operating System (Windows, Linux and iOS). Both the ERP and CRM are completely in-cloud and do not need to be locally installed onto any machine, but require a monthly operating fee for the complete management of the solution by GEDI ONLINE: hardware, software and support.

Do I need to integrate new specialised figures into my staff or take long training courses?

NO. GEDI ONLINE is a management system that is easy to use and quick to learn, even for those who have always used different solutions or those who have never used management software before.

GEDI ONLINE is a natively web based application design for the final user, which is immediately operative thanks to an intuitive graphic interface inspired by the most common online applications.

PHP and JavaScript language guarantee compatibility with all the most commonly used Internet browsers (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Safari, ecc...).

If the client opts for a solution including acquisition of online licenses with installation in loco, GEI ONLINE also has the advantages of not requiring any additional costs and of being compatible with any technological architecture (on Apache web servers).

The application can also interface with all of the most common databases (MySQL, MS SQL, Oracle, Postgres, Sybase and in general all those that support SQL language).

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