DRG Systems was founded in 2001 through the meeting of two engineers with degrees from the Milan Polytechnic University. The company immediately specialized in providing technical-managerial consulting services to bring innovation and technology to small and medium enterprises (SME).

In 2002, thanks to a division dedicated to research and development, the company also started to develop products dedicated to SME, such as GEDI ONLINE, an ERP and CRM web-based management solution.

In 2009, the company opened its technical-commercial branch in Milan. Today DRG Systems is a dynamic company that employs over 20 collaborators and provides its services to prestigious clients, including multinationals.

DRG Systems follows its clients through all the stages of a technological-management transformation project.

Company process analysis
Sharing of objectives Project profile Project execution
Testing e approval
Identification of priorities
Formalization of project
Detailed work plan

Fine tuning of realized solutions

Specialized assistance

GEDI ONLINE is a natively web based application design for the final user, which is immediately operative thanks to an intuitive graphic interface inspired by the most common online applications.

PHP and JavaScript language guarantee compatibility with all the most commonly used Internet browsers (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Safari, ecc...).

If the client opts for a solution including acquisition of online licenses with installation in loco, GEI ONLINE also has the advantages of not requiring any additional costs and of being compatible with any technological architecture (on Apache web servers).

The application can also interface with all of the most common databases (MySQL, MS SQL, Oracle, Postgres, Sybase and in general all those that support SQL language).

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